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Prophetic Eyes for Your Spouse

I remember the day we married like it was yesterday. We said our vows and the next thing you know the man pronounced us husband and wife. We knew the pronouncement made our marriage official. But we had no idea how much we needed prophetic eyes to understand what had just happened.

I was a wide-eyed Nineteen year old who thought he knew everything there was to know about being a husband. After all, my only dream in life for the previous six years was to be a husband.

prophetic eyes

Now looking back on that day thirty years later, I see a clueless young man and woman that knew very little about being husband and wife. We had the titles; by name, we did become husband and wife with those few spoken words. But we had no idea how much we would have to grow into the shoes we just put on.

How about you?

Did saying “I do” make you a husband or a wife? As you walked away from the ceremony, did you suddenly feel like you had become someone you had never been before?

Sure, maybe you felt different. But, did you instantly become everything your new name implied? Or have you discovered there is a growing process for a man to become a “husband,” or a woman to become a “wife?’’

More importantly, if this is true for you, then how do you see your spouse? Do you see your spouse through the eyes of an expectation that they should live up to what their name implies? Or do you see them through the eyes of a belief that they can grow into everything their name implies? Seeing your spouse through eyes of faith makes a huge difference and it’s the way God looks at your spouse. He believes your spouse will grow into their role and calling.

God has prophetic eyes

God has always worked with prophetic eyes. Many times throughout the Bible, men, and women had their name changed by God signifying who they were yet to become; Abram became Abraham, Sarai became Sarah, Jacob became Israel, and Simon became Peter. If you study when those name changes took place you will find their new name prophesied who they would become.

In other places in the Bible we find where the names were not changed, but still, God calls people out of the ordinary into what He has called them to be. He called Moses a deliverer when he was living a life of exile. Gideon was called a valiant warrior while working at his family wine press, David was called to be a king while tending his father’s sheep. The disciples were called to lay the foundation of the church even though they were ordinary workers like fishermen and tax collectors.

So growing into our prophetic call is nothing new, it has always been this way. As for husbands and wives, we need to operate with God’s kind of grace and faith knowing that there is a process of becoming what a Husband or wife should be.

What can you do?

How you see: Prophetic eyes require a vision for who you and your spouse are becoming. An understanding of the process that it takes instead of expecting it to just happen. Take your focus off of where you are coming up short, and focus on who you believe you can be. Look at the growth that is taking place in both of you. Let go of your desire to change your spouse. Believe there is hope even when your situation looks impossible. I know it works, I have been there.

How you speak: Simply put, encourage instead of criticizing. Prophetic eyes will cause you to find the things you can speak well of. Look at the little things they do and compliment them for it. Speak to your spouse in a way that shows how much you believe in them right now and how much you appreciate the growth that is taking place in them. When it comes to who they are yet to become, just speak words that confirm your confidence in them. Don’t disguise your disappointment in them with sarcastic words of who they will be. Your true intent will show up with the way you speak. Speak to other people privately about your spouse with words of praise, and speak to other people in front of your spouse with words of praise.

How you Pray: Talk to God about your spouse and your marriage with thankfulness. Thank Him for the gift He has placed in your life. Thank Him for the work He is doing even when you don’t see what He is doing. Speak to God about your belief in your spouse and How you are thankful that He is in charge of bringing the right changes at the right time. Pray God will help you be who He wants you to be. Your spouse will be encouraged by your willingness to grow. Don’t go to God full of complaints about your spouse. If you are hurt, tell the Lord how you feel, but always finish with your confidence that He is in control and you are surrendered to His will.

As children of God, we should be known for the way we walk by faith and not by sight. So believe God for who you and your spouse can be and for what kind of marriage you can have. Put your trust in the Lord doing a work even when you are not able to see it. And walk out your faith with acts of obedience to His will.




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  1. Jay says:

    We were marriage young as well, both just turned 20. Man, those first few years were rough, thank God we grew up in a culture that did not accept divorce as an option. Now we’ve been through the worst and I understand what your saying, how much you change as you grow together and with God. You change as a fundamental person in every aspect of your life. In many ways, it would be appropriate to have a new name, because you are becoming a new person.

    • jackandjanet says:

      Thanks Jay. I’m glad you liked this post and I like that new name idea. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  2. Kathaleen Cook says:

    My husband and I married young. He was 20 and I was 16. We have had a rocky marriage, looking back I would say a loveless marriage. 35 years and 4 children later, he just up and left out of the blue…I knew we were having troubles but no idea he was even thinking of leaving..moved the RV to the neighbors property. Neighbors daughter went to school with my husband and he is now living on the property with her living in the home. He has filed for divorce and refuses to talk to me and I am unable to see him because they have a no trespassing sign on property and the neighbor called me telling me that I am forbidden to come on the property. I am not sure of him ‘seeing’ this other woman, but looks like he is..I love my husband , but looking back in our marriage he has just tolerated me..no real love from him. I hear that my husband looks bad and is slacking at work, not like him at all. He has told my daughter that it makes him sick to talk about the divorce..What do you make of this?

    • Hi Kathaleen,

      I just found this page today, and wanted to acknowledge your post. What a difficult story… I hope you have been able to get a clearer picture of things, and that your heart does not despair…



  3. Anonymous says:

    I click on “Has your spouse found someone new” and I get “Prophetic eyes for your spouse”.
    I’m not sure if you care but that isn’t helpful at all.

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