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Do You Have Anyone Praying for You?

Is there anyone praying for you? When you’re going through the worst battle of your life, is there anyone who is helping you hold it together? When you’re seeking for some answers and you need to know the will of God. Who can you count on to take your situation before the Lord?

I mean it is great to have others around you who love you and are willing to give you advice. But what should matter the most is having people around you who are actually praying for you. Because at the end of the day, getting advice is good and is sometimes needed.

But there is nothing better than knowing you are not alone. Knowing there are other people who have your back. And they are faithfully sending out prayers to the Lord on your behalf.

It is one of those precious treasures that will stay with you for the rest of your life. When you look back at your most difficult days and you remember the ones who stood with you. The ones who were actually helping you make it because of the prayers they prayed.

Like right now as I write this, I’m choking back the tears as I think of someone who helped me. More than I can ever know, simply by bringing my life and marriage problem before God. My uncle Dan who passed away almost three years ago was that someone for me. I knew without a doubt he was praying for me throughout the marriage crisis I faced.

Praying for you

Many times I went to him to talk about what I was going through. I knew his advice and encouragement was sincere and unbiased. He was in his third marriage. And after two failed marriages, he was able to share from a deep well of experience and wisdom.

I trusted him because he never spoke a word against my wife for anything she was doing. He understood she had struggles and he knew I did as well. So, he never judged either of us. He just offered his best advice and promise to keep me in his prayers.

I knew Dan kept his promise of praying for me. Because he often spoke of the things he would learn through prayer. And he told me about who the Lord would lay on his heart during his prayer time.

Back then Dan worked as a truck driver. He loved spending his long hours of driving down the interstates praying for people. He prayed for his loved ones. And he prayed for the people he met from witnessing to them at truck-stops and loading docks.

I also knew he kept his promise from the different times he would call me when he got home. He would tell me what God had shown him while he had been praying for me the night before. And while it was always helpful to hear the things he had to share with me. What stuck with me the most was knowing that while I was sleeping he was driving through the night, praying for me.

Someone else was praying too.

During a Sunday morning service, the minister started talking as the worship was ending. He talked about this God we had been singing about and how much He loves us.

And then he said something that wasn’t new for me to hear, yet in that moment it struck me in a very profound way. He spoke of how Jesus loves us so much that He is forever praying to the Father on our behalf.

Now I knew the word says that in these following scriptures;

Romans 8:34  “who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is He who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us.”

Hebrews 7:25  “Therefore He is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him since He always lives to make intercession for them.”

I had read those verses more times than I can count. But in that moment of worship, as this truth was spoken, I became overwhelmed with emotion. Then tears began to stream down my face. Because for the first time, I became aware of this truth in my life in a very real and personal way.

The Lord took me back

In that brief moment, I went back to the dark days when my marriage was in trouble. And I could see myself feeling deep heartache and desperation. I could see myself crying to the Lord as I sang out worships songs of surrendering it all to Him.

I could see myself walking through the woods and along the river bank where I spent a lot of time praying. Where I asked God to give me the strength to keep fighting the fight I had to fight.

And in all those flashes of memory of when I was so broken, for the first time, I could also see beyond my own human experience. In my imagination, I could see in each moment of my struggles how Jesus was also praying to the Father on my behalf.

I could see how He was right there with me and how He was continually bringing my need before the Father. I could see how He has always loved me beyond my ability to comprehend. And how He has always been faithful to help me even when I didn’t know He was helping. Even when I slept, He has spent the entire night praying over me.

I mean, wow! the only begotten Son of God is always praying for me. He wants to help me get through whatever this life has thrown at me. That is pretty awesome to me!

And, Jesus is praying for you too.

He is praying for you to have peace that soothes away your troubled thoughts. Jesus is praying for healing to restore and mend the broken places of your heart. He is praying His presence comforts your loneliness and feelings of isolation.

And He is praying for a turn-around in your situation. He is praying that the Father’s will is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. And that includes your life and the current circumstances you are dealing with.

In closing, I hope you do have others around you that are praying for you. And if you need us to pray for you, we are more than happy to. Just reply in the comments or email us.

But most importantly, I wrote this post to say there is someone else praying for you. The Creator of the universe is forever making intercessions on your behalf.

He loves you and He wants His good and perfect will in your life. He wants you to be an overcomer and more than a conqueror. And not only did He give the ultimate sacrifice to redeem your soul. He is continually working for you by keeping you in His prayers.

So I hope you find this truth as comforting and encouraging as I have.
Thanks for reading!



  1. mstj says:

    I pray someone is praying for me and God confirms what I need to do about my job and marriage. I pray its someone who doesn’t really know my story so when they tell me what God has spoken I will know it was really Him speaking

  2. B says:

    Please pray for my 34 yr marriage – my H said he stopped loving me years ago. Need resurrection power to bring what’s dead to life.

  3. Susan says:

    its so hard and your description of dark days was how I feel and no one seems to want to pray for what my heart yearns for so desperately, my husband back and my family whole..I need a miracle as my husband re-married but he still feels like mine in my heart..one flesh? ..over 35 years together…I don’t pray bad for anyone, just Gods will as I just miss him so… I do cry out to our Lord so I love your comforting words- but I don’t have anyone else who “gets-it”… I guess He is all I need, just feels so hard and alone..good to know He is praying for me, who better? Thank You

  4. Armon says:

    Please pray for my family my wife left me June 5th 2015 she says she is not happy and we argue too much she is not willing to get help, we have 3 kids my heart is crushed and my kids are in pain. Armon Stacy  Noah Logan and Jamison. 

  5. Christian says:

    This Is so inspiring..I need prayers as my wife gave up on our almost 12 year marriage. I am standing firm in faith in large part because the Lord told me to. I have people praying for me, but this reminds me to pray for others in a similar situation

  6. Hilda says:

    Please pray for me (Hilda) and my husband (Philly) .marriage has fallen part. He cheated, he doesn’t wanna admit it. Don’t even know when last we told each other we love one another. And were still sharing the bed our family home (10 years now)

    • Jack says:


      We have added you and your husband Philly to our prayers. Let us know if we can help encourage or advise you in any way.


  7. Amy Cobb says:

    Please add me to your Prayers, My husband left and no longer wants to be married. He has another women and this is the second time he has left me Michael and Amy

  8. Jennifer Saunders says:

    Please pray for my 1yr marriage the enemy has been after it from the beginning but I trust God’s word I was not aware of the true meaning of marriage in the beginning but I have learned thru the trails and tribulations and also learned it’s worth saving.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jack
    I am asking you and your wife to kindly pray for me and my husband Denis…
    I am in depression also because of this situation
    Thanks so mich

  10. Jess says:

    Please pray for my husband as he is committing adultery and left our family on May 12, 2017 ( the weekend of Mother’s Day and his birthday) I’m praying that God restores our 20 year old marriage. This is an undiscriibable pain and we are all suffering very much. Thank you and God bless

  11. Michelle says:

    Please pray for me and my husband. He left me after we’ve been married for 25 years for someone he met a few months ago. My heart is broken as he is my one true love and I dearly want him to come home. I’ve forgiven him but the pain without him is unbearable.

  12. Nicole says:

    I would really like for someone to be praying for me and my prodigal spouse as well as my family to be restored. I have faith that God is doing a great work in our family. Please pray for us that our family will become one again and we will do the work of the Lord.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Tammy … I am asking for prayers for my husband and I of 30 yrs. We had a very strong beautiful marriage of 22 yrs then my husband lost his job, then things started to slowly tear us apart. We are each others first love. But 3yrs ago he did leave me for another. We don’t want to divorce & he says he wants to get back together but I’m working on us alone. I have been doing all I can by reflecting, praying, etc. I need prayers of healing for my husband who I know is hurting inside and he’s always had a problem with communicating so it hurts me and him both. I pray for his heart to turn back around so much. I also need prayers for strength, guidance, healing, faith, & I asked God to take this battle off my hands I’m fighting alone & get back a restored marriage I believe we can have, but my husbands distancing me & no affection & little communication with me and with the other woman in the middle telling me awful things & she has no remorse for betraying her friendship., it has left me in deep despair & emotionally drained. Because my husband changed my life & I his for the better, this is the kind of love more than worth fighting for, so would you PLEASE pray for us? I need God to intervene so much & I sincerely thank you 🙏 with all my heart.

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